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Build anywhere
Assembles in a few days
Plug and play
Type Five ADU
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The smart, easy, and affordable way to expand your living space
A small footprint means no permit required to build in most areas
Assembles in few days with a couple of hands and basic tools
Place anywhere with an adjustable foundation to sit level on flat terrains
Weather, humidity, and sound insulated for total comfort
Pre-wired for electrical so it's plug and play for your electrical things
Sustainable and environmentally friendly because it uses renewable, long lasting materials
Type Five Pod Framing
Engineered with an advanced framing system that's highly insulated, airtight, waterproof, and fire resistant.
Type Five Pod Foundation
Incorporates a tubular steel and precast concrete foundation which can be installed in hours on any flat site.
Type Five Pod
Dream bigger. Live smaller.
Starts at $35,000
Type Five is making beautiful affordable housing a reality for everyone.
Designed in California